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Herzog – Search

CLEVELAND PRIDE 90s throwbacks best pavement/dinosaur jr album of 2010 get on this shit gonna be big yall. plus theyre named after my love and borrow their cover from one of my loves movies. rockin the fukk out

Un – Un

forgotten band from the chick from fursaxa and the girl from double leopards. released on siltbreeze back in the day so you know its good. lo-fi bedroom psychedelia before it was ‘cool’ and ‘shitty’

Gastr Del Sol – Upgrade & Afterlife

david grubbs and jim o’rourke. near perfect album, really hard to describe. avant-garde compositions, drone, sample-based noise, ghost piano and a john fahey cover are territories covered on this album. not their most accessible, but definitely their best

Arthur Russell – Calling Out Of Context

arthur russell is one of my favorites ever and this is my favorite of his. im bad at describing his music, he plays cello and sings and its kinda electronic music. some of it borders on african-influenced dance music. this is how we walk on the moon is one of my boner jamz. his similar artists include john maus, oneohtrix point never, ariel pink and no-wave woman lizzy mercier descloux and if you like any of them then you will love him.

he also went on to make really cool disco gonna share that later ok bye

Game Theory – Lolita Nation

tragically underheard/underappreciated/overlooked masterpiece. perfect post punk/power pop. lightyears better than big star, fuck you alex chilton. one of my favorite albums ever, so glad i rediscovered this. we love you carol and alison is a perfect pop jam of a lifetime

Kevin Drumm – Sheer Hellism Miasma

noise. the most fitting title ever. those of yall who dont like noise will still enjoy. one of the best albums of the 00s, definitely the best noise album i think.

o ya link from the darlings at gonna start uploading things myself once im not on bumfuck wireless i promise

Fursaxa – Mycorrhizae Realm

transcendent drone folk. sounds like the ghost of nico (except she can rhyme ‘down’ and ‘clown’). my third favorite album of 2k10. link borrowed from the bros at