all tha best boner jamz


Supreme Cool Beings – Survival Of The Coolest

first release on K Records. heather lewis of beat happening (<3 ❤ <3) is a member so you kno its good rly rare shit rite here

Yaphet Kotto – The Killer Was In The Government Blankets

really mathy screamo/emo/hardcore. one of my favorites. srsly underrated too czech it out

Herzog – Search

CLEVELAND PRIDE 90s throwbacks best pavement/dinosaur jr album of 2010 get on this shit gonna be big yall. plus theyre named after my love and borrow their cover from one of my loves movies. rockin the fukk out

Michael Gordon – Decasia

an incredibly dark, experimental symphony composed for a live multimedia project – complete with full size orchestra. the site describes it as “a symphony in decay” and that’s exactly what it is. read this and listen as soon as possible.

Un – Un

forgotten band from the chick from fursaxa and the girl from double leopards. released on siltbreeze back in the day so you know its good. lo-fi bedroom psychedelia before it was ‘cool’ and ‘shitty’

Pretend – Bones in the Soil, Rust in the Oil

pretty mathy post-rock with kind of a lot of jazz and obvious hints of american football era emo. title track is the jam.

Gastr Del Sol – Upgrade & Afterlife

david grubbs and jim o’rourke. near perfect album, really hard to describe. avant-garde compositions, drone, sample-based noise, ghost piano and a john fahey cover are territories covered on this album. not their most accessible, but definitely their best