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Apart – Only Transitions

I saw Apart open for Empire! Empire! (I Was A Lonely Estate) and The Reptilian back in March and if Empire Empire wasn’t so perfect, Apart would have completely stolen the show. If you like screamo or hardcore in the vein of Touche Amore or Modern Life Is War, then you will love Apart as much as I do. Plus they were really nice guys and put on a super energetic show, so make sure to support them. This EP is better than the new Touche album. THERE I SAID IT

If you are apprehensive for some reason, you can listen on their Bandcamp

Kite Flying Society – A Discography

we’re back! sorry for a break in the boner jamz – things have been busy. anyway, this link is actually the self titled release, but it’s all basically the same stuff & this album artwork will have to do. for the most part, Kite Flying Society is overlooked and sort of easy to forget, but every time I listen to this album, I remember how amazing they are. The Art of Conversation is probably one of the greatest screamo songs around.

Cold Like December – Oh My God, It’s Full of Stars

sorry kidz that’s the closest i could get to an album pic (lol as far as i can tell, this band basically doesn’t exist. their album is ridiculously difficult to find, and there isn’t any record of the band really on the interwebz. SO U GUYZ R IN FOR A TREAT. really good emo/screamo – that late 90s early 00s style we all know and love. the album is great on a whole, but the last song “Excerpts From The Note Wrapped Around The Brick I Put Through Your Window” is on an entirely different level. Long track name, I know – but they can get away with it because they aren’t a post-rock band or sufjan stevens. srsly, get on this.

Yaphet Kotto – The Killer Was In The Government Blankets

really mathy screamo/emo/hardcore. one of my favorites. srsly underrated too czech it out

Portrait – Discography

this is my favorite screamo album of all-time ever. missing the shore is one of the most beautiful songs i have ever heard, probably top 5 ever. if you like screamo, have ever thought about liking screamo, have ever heard of screamo, or like to scream – get this album. link ~borrowed~ from the google searchez

On the Might of Princes – Where You Are and Where You Want to Be

somewhere in that abyss between emo and screamo and post-hardcore. this is the most awesome. “and the hat stays on” and “for meg” are jam-of-a-lifetime material.